Zach Pearson


The Humble Genius

Our resident scholar, Zach, came to us with a Master’s Degree in Environment and Sustainability and almost a decade of studies in agriculture and environmental sciences. He spearheads our administration and accounting, keeping us focused and on track with careful attention to processes and even the smallest details.

Zach is a pillar within our team, and he has a knack for self-awareness and honest introspection, even when he’s (rarely) mistaken! We always have confidence in his uncanny ability to arrive at the correct solution to any challenge!

In his downtime, Zach loves to hike, explore new pubs (a.k.a. drink good beer!), bug people to play with their dogs, and SLEEP!

What Makes Zach Tick: “I find inspiration in long-term change, especially those changes that pertain to the environment. It’s amazing to see waste diverted from the landfill and used in new and innovative ways!”

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