Shawn Samborsky

Our Mentor

C2 Recycling President, Shawn, thrives on chasing down innovative ways to recycle materials, build client relationships, and form partnerships with local communities and organizations. His extensive education in chemistry, renewable resources, environmental management, and agrology is bolstered by a long history of working with waste management and environmental service companies. As Director of the Environmental Services Association Board, Shawn plans to stay on top of whatever initiatives are happening locally and further afield!

Shawn has been many things to many people at C2 Recycling, but his most appreciated quality is his strong mentorship. He always stands by the team, recognizing individual strengths and supporting us through any challenges.

In his spare time, Shawn loves being a father, husband, and dog-dad. He plays in a washed-up dad band, runs, bikes, and takes long walks through landfills! He LOVES science experiments (although he accidentally removed all the enamel from his parents’ sink when he was seven years old!)

Shawn’s Perspective: “The world and society are simultaneously at an exciting and terrifying tipping point. We are learning that we need to get our asses in gear concerning climate raw materials and the environment, and we are trying to surf those big waves.”

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