Reanna Berg


The Tree Lover

Armed with an education in Renewable Resource Management and Sustainability, Reanna is one of our big brains behind the truck scale weigh station, providing the very best customer service (anyone for Gatorade and chocolate bars?)! She also works for our sister company, CORE Environmental Consulting, doing fieldwork all over Canada. While on a work trip to Nunavut, Reanna adopted a sweet dog, bringing her back to Edmonton! #doggymama

Known for strategically avoiding using paper, Reanna’s dedication to the cause is truly admirable! She is, however, usually covered in sticky notes, found in her purse, her pockets, and possibly in her hair bun! Oh yes, and occasionally on her shoes!

Reanna’s Inspiration: “Doing our part towards a sustainable future inspires me. The world is so consumption-focused that it’s easy to forget where stuff goes after we’re done with it. That’s why industries like material recycling and recovery are so important!

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