What can and can’t be recycled?

C2 Recycling makes improving your sustainability practices more convenient than ever, from the basics to the comprehensive list below. Check out what items we accept, and if you’re not sure, reach out – we’re your recycling experts!

Commingled Loads / C&D Waste

A considerable quantity of the recyclable material delivered to the site arrives in commingled loads and mixed C&D waste. We separate wood, metal, concrete, cardboard, paper, mattresses, tires, and other recoverable materials on site. Once separated, we divert the materials from the landfill using our onsite recycling processes. We then supply them to various end-use markets or deliver them to single-stream recyclers for further processing. The diversion percentage we achieve for our customers is dependent on the quality and ratio of recoverable materials in each load.


At our Edmonton waste management centre, we sort wood recycling into segregated stockpiles for subsequent shredding. This ground-up wood material is absorbent and excellent for animal bedding, a carbon source for soil enhancement, or compost or biochar, depending on the market needs. Industrial magnets remove smaller metals such as nails and screws from the wood materials during our onsite wood shredding process. This metal is collected and delivered to a single stream recycler for further recovery. Our typical recycling percentage for wood is 96%.

Metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)

Metal recycling consists of scrap metal materials from product manufacturing, demolition and construction projects, unused building supplies and surplus materials. We sort Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals into segregated streams onsite, after which our staff compacts and ships them to local metal recyclers. 100% of construction metal is recyclable at our waste management facility.

Cardboard & Paper

At C2 Recycling, cardboard and paper recycling are separated and transported to single-stream recyclers, who then mix them with first-run recycled material, upgrading the overall quality. That product is then distributed directly to brokers and local mills who manufacture them into new paper-based products. Cardboard and paper have a 94% recyclable rate.


C2 Recycling operates a concrete crusher on site for grinding recyclable concrete. After receiving loads at the site, we stockpile, crush and then later screen them into various sizes for further distribution. We also process concrete with embedded steel/rebar to recover the metal and deliver it to single-stream recyclers for further processing. Recycled aggregate materials are popular elements for road construction, road base, revetments, foundations, retaining walls, landscaping gravel or raw material for new aggregate markets. Concrete recycling in our local recycling facilities is 96% successful.


Mattress recycling is essential due to its sheer bulk and materials. At C2 Recycling, we collect, stockpile, and then disassemble each mattress, separate the components, and then redirect the materials to various end-use markets and single-stream recyclers for further processing.


Tires that are no longer usable for their original purpose because of wear, damage, or defect are acceptable onsite at our Edmonton waste management center. We stockpile them and then redirect the tires to single-stream recyclers for further processing. Recycled tires have end-products that we safely use for many things such as sidewalks, walkways, a replacement for sand in playgrounds, landscaping, rooftop and patio surfacing.

Acceptable Materials

In addition to the many waste streams indicated in our main menu, we also accept the following:


We DO NOT accept the following waste streams:

If you don’t see your item on our Accepted or Unaccepted Materials list, please give us a call so that we can discuss your options.

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